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21 Success Secrets of Self-made Millionaires

These are just some of the powerful principles, methods and techniques you will learn in the Brian Tracy's book or audio program.
The common principles and practices of all men and women who become millionaires in one generation.

1. Dream Big Dreams - How to visualize, imagine and create an exciting picture of personal wealth and prosperity;

2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction - Learn a powerful, proven goal-setting exercise that can change your life;

3. See Yourself As Self-Employed - How to take complete control of your career and your financial life;

4. Do What You Love To Do - Identify the ideal work for you and then get paid well for doing it;

5. Commit to Excellence - How to move into the top 10% in your field and be paid more than ever before;

6. Work Longer and Harder - How to organize your time so you get more done and contribute more value;

7. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning - How to continually upgrade your talents and abilities to earn more money;

8. Pay Yourself First - The most powerful process of wealth accumulation ever discovered and how you can use it;

9. Learn Every Detail of the Business - How to become an expert in your chosen field and double your income;

10. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others - The starting point of all personal fortunes and how to begin;

11. Be Absolutely Honest With Yourself and Others - How and why personal integrity goes hand in hand with financial success;

12. Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly - The importance of focusing on your most important tasks all day long;

13. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability - How to give yourself the winning edge in everything you do;

14. Be Prepared to Climb From Peak to Peak - Learn how to recognize the cycles and trends that can make you rich;

15. Practice Self-Discipline In All Things - Develop the most important quality for financial success;FREE Audio Program by Brian Tracy

16. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity - Learn how to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, achieve any goal;

17. Get Around The Right People - The important of surrounding yourself with winners at each stage of your career;

18. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health - How to develop and maintain high levels of energy and fitness;

19. Be Decisive and Action Oriented - How to identify the most important action steps you can take immediately;

20. Never Allow Failure To Be An Option - How to overcome the fears that hold most people back;

21. Pass the "Persistence Test" - Learn how to bounce back from defeat and never, never give up.


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1.Build Your Own Business

The high road to becoming a self-made millionaire in America is starting and building your own business. But this is not as easy as it sounds. Most businesses started by inexperienced people fail.

Probably the primary reason why people don't start businesses is because they're afraid that they're going to lose their money and for good reason. 99 percent of businesses started by people lacking business experience fail within the first two or three years.

2. Why Businesses Fail

And why is that? It's because they don't know how to succeed. They haven't the slightest idea how to make a business successful. They may have an idea for a product or service, but they don't know all the things that they need to know to run a successful business.

3. Why Businesses Succeed

However, surprisingly enough, 80 percent of businesses started by experienced businesspeople succeed. Now why should this be so? The reason is because experienced businesspeople know what to do. They know how to purchase their products and their services. They know how to negotiate with their suppliers. They know how to raise money. They know how to negotiate leases. They know how to sell and to market. They know how to manage their finances. In other words, experience is the key. In order to start your own business and succeed, you have to learn how.

4. Makes The Difference

Now according to Dunn and Bradstreet, 96 percent of businesses in America that fail, fail because of what is called "managerial incompetence". Managerial incompetence means that the people running the businesses don't know what they're doing. And here are the two critical areas of managerial incompetence that cause business failure.

First is sales and marketing. 48 percent of businesses that fail in America fail because the business cannot sell enough of its products or services. Very few businesses fail when they have high levels of sales and revenues coming in.

5. Control Your Costs

The second reason that businesses fail, 46 percent, is because of poor cost control. They may be selling enough on the front end, but they're losing so much on the back end that they go broke anyway. Sales and marketing, financing and cost control, both require experience. And if you're serious about becoming financially independent, you have to learn how to do both of these.

6. Put Luck On Your Side

You must learn the skills you need to be successful. Business success is not a matter of luck. Business success is a matter of application. It's a matter of ability. It's a matter of experience and skill and intelligence, and wonderfully enough, you can learn what you need to know to be successful. And you can start by learning through on-the-job training, which is called OJT. Most successful businesspeople become successful because they get all their training by working for someone else.

7. Action Exercises

Here are two things you can do immediately to make sure that your business succeeds greatly:

First, take the time to get the knowledge and experience you need in business by working for someone else where you can learn a lot in a short period of time. Go to work in an area in which you are interested and learn everything you possibly can.

Second, read and study in business, especially entrepreneurial business, all the time. Read one or two business books per week and read every business magazine that is published on your subject. Never stop learning and growing.
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TIPS...utk tidak gagal dlm perniagaan

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera.
Mari kita lihat punca kegagalan perniagaan dari kacamata seorang JUTAWAN INTERNET.
16 Sebab Kegagalan Perniagaan
Oleh: Irfan Khairi
Ianya dikatakan lebih daripada 90% perniagaan yang dimulakan mengalami kegagalan. Berikut adalah sebab-sebab kegagalan perniagaan. Pastikan anda menjauhinya!
1: Tiada matlamat
Tiada matlamat yang jelas apa yang ingin dicapai oleh perniagaan yang dibina. Apakah matlamat perniagaan anda dalam masa 1 tahun dari sekarang? Apakah matlamat perniagaan anda dalam masa 3 tahun dari sekarang? Apakah matlamat perniagaan anda dalam masa 5 tahun dari sekarang? Apakah matlamat perniagaan anda 10 tahun dari sekarang? Matlamat akan menentukan arah tuju sesuatu perniagaan.Tanpa matlamat yang jelas, perniagaan tidak mempunyai daya dan motivasi untuk berkembang.
2: Tidak mengutamakan pelanggan
Pelanggan merupakan aset utama apa sahaja perniagaan. Utamakan pelanggan oleh kerana apa sahaja perniagaan berfungsi untuk memenuhi keperluan pelanggan. Ianya sering dikatakan dalam buku-buku perniagaan bahawa pelanggan adalah raja!
3: Tidak usahakan jualan
Keuntungan perniagaan datangnya dari jualan. Amat jarang sekali sesuatu jualan akan datang dengan sendiri. Usahawan perlu mengusahakan untuk mendapatkan jualan. Pastikan momentum diteruskan untuk mendapat jualan demi jualan oleh kerana tanpa jualan, tiada keuntungan!
4: Tidak sabar
Naluri ramai usahawan adalah untuk menjadi kaya dengan segera.Perniagaan perlu dilihat untuk mendapat keuntungan jangka waktu panjang dan bukan meraih keuntungan maksima pada jangka waktu singkat.
5: Gagal meletakkan prioriti
Ianya dikatakan, 20% daripada usaha akan menghasilkan 80% daripada pulangan. Kesilapan ketara bagi mereka yang tidak bijak meletakkan prioriti adalah memberi fokus kepad 80% usaha perniagaan yang hanya memberi 20% daripada pulangan. Agihkan kerja-kerja perniagaan yang tidak memerlukan masa dan tenaga anda kepada orang lain supaya tenaga dan masa anda dapat ditumpukan pada aktiviti 20% yang memberi keuntungan 80%.
6: Melakukan sesuatu di luar bidang.

Sebaiknya, jalankan perniagaan di mana letaknya kekuatan anda.Memulakan perniagaan yang bukan dalam kekuatan anda hanya akan mengurangkan motivasi anda.
7: Tidak mempunyai daya saingan pada produk atau perkhidmatan
Persaingan semakin sengit dalam arena perniagaan. Sesuatu perniagaan perlu mempunyai daya saingan yang hebat berbanding dengan pesaing dari segi lebih baik, atau lebih murah, atau lebih pantas dari pesaing. Tanpa daya saingan untuk membezakan anda dengan pesaing, ianya hanya akan menenggelamkan perniagaan anda.
8: Produk tidak memenuhi keperluan pelanggan
Mempunyai produk untuk dijual adalah langkah utama memulakan perniagaan. Namun, dengan mempunyai produk sahaja, tidak mencukupi.Produk yang dijual perlu dapat memenuhi keperluan pelanggan.Mungkin anda ingin jual bahan kosmetik untuk memutihkan kulit,tetapi produk anda bukan sahaja memutihkan wajah pengguna, ianya menyebabkan kulit berminyak di wajah pengguna pula. Maka, produk tersebut tidak dapat memenuhi keperluan pengguna.
9: Produk dan perkhidmatan pelanggan yang tidak berkualiti
Zaman ini, pelanggan mementingkan kualiti produk dan perkhidmatan pelanggan. Oleh kerana persaingan semakin tinggi, terdapat berbagai-bagai pilihan yang boleh dibuat oleh pelanggan. Produk dan perkhidmatan yang berkualiti akan menjadi pilihan utama.
10: Gagal mengenalpasti pelanggan
Siapakah bakal pelanggan anda? Dimana komuniti bakal pelanggan anda? Apakah kemampuan kewangan bakal pelanggan anda? Bagaimana caranya anda boleh mencapai bakal pelanggan anda? Strategi perniagaan adalah menetapkan tumpuan pasaran anda (niche market).Dengan menetapkan tumpuan pasaran anda, ianya adalah lebih mudah mengenalpasti pelanggan anda untuk melakukan sebarang jualan.
11: Lemah dalam urusan kewangan
Fahami angka kewangan perniagaan anda. Pastikan setiap transaksi perniagaan diambil kira dan walaupun bunyinya mudah, namun, terlalu banyak perniagaan membelanja lebih daripada apa yang diterima.Bijak dalam berbelanja untuk perniagaan, walaupun usahawan perlum engambil risiko kewangan, namun risiko yang terbaik adalah risiko yang telah diselidik.
12. Gagal mengikut trend semasa dan pasaran
Trend dan pasaran berubah mengikut masa. Satu ketika dulu, walkman menjadi pilihan utama muda mudi berhibur, kini trend sudah berubah menjadi pemain MP3! Usahawan perlu peka kepada trend semasa dan pasaran supaya perniagaan sering dikemaskini mengikut arus zaman.
13: Perbelanjaan overhed yang tinggi
Seringkali kos overhed memakan segala keuntungan perniagaan.Pastikan kos overhed adalah pada minimum. Kos overhed termasuk kos elektrik, kos pekerja, kos premis, kos air, kos Internet dan sebagainya. Kos overhed akan sentiasa dikenakan setiap bulan.Sekiranya kos overhed mencecah RM20,000 setiap bulan, maka,keuntungan perniagaan perlu melebihi RM20,000 hanya untuk mendapat keuntungan.
14: Tiada perancangan perniagaan
Tidak melakukan perancangan adalah merancang untuk gagal. Sediakan pelan dan langkah-langkah untuk mengembangkan perniagaan anda.Aturkan strategi pemasaran dalam mendapat pelanggan yang ramai.Perniagaan menjadi cemerlang bukan kerana nasib, tetapi kerana perancangan perniagaan yang lengkap.
15: Perancangan tanpa tindakan
Perancangan hanyalah langkah pertama. Perancangan tanpa tindakan susulan tidak akan membuahkan hasil! Pastikan apa yang dirancang,diimplementasikan. Apa akan terjadi sekiranya apa yang dilaksanakan tidak menjadi dan gagal? Tidak mengapa, kegagalan akan mengajar anda untuk mengubah perancangan. Kegagalan adalah guru yang paling baik dalam perniagaan sekiranya anda membenarkan diri anda mempelajari dari kesilapan.
16. Gagal berhubung dengan pekerja
Sememangnya agak sukar menjalankan perniagaan dengan sendiri tanpa mengagihkan kerja kepada pihak lain. Fahami kehendak dan keperluan pekerja oleh kerana pekerja akan membantu memajukan perniagaan anda. Hubungan yang baik dengan pekerja akan memberi motivasi kepada pekerja untuk berusaha dengan lebih tinggi dalam memajukan perniagaan anda.Dengan mengetahui dan memahami sebab-sebab kegagalan perniagaan,ianya dapat membantu anda menghindari dari kegagalan perniagaan.Namun begitu, perlu diingat juga bahawa, sekiranya sekiranya rezeki perniagaan tidak menyebelahi anda dan anda menghadapi kegagalan,gagal sekali, bukan bermaksud gagal selamanya. Teruskan usaha oleh kerana kejayaan sering dijumpa disebalik kegagalan!


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